Murkee's GM Application.

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Murkee's GM Application.

Post by Murkee on Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:16 pm

In-Game Name: Murkee

Name: Jeremy Corea

Age: 15

Location/Timezone: United States / Pacific Standard.

Describe yourself (personality wise): I am a mature,kind,helpful kind of guy. This means that I will not get into any sort of arguements with players even if they call me names, or disrespect me.

Email (If any):

MSN (If any): n/a

How active are you in game? in forums?: I am very active in-game as well as the forums.

How long have you been with HypnoticStory?:
Not very long, but also not a short time either.

What do you think you can contribute to this server?:
Well first off, I'm not going to say "I'm going to ban hackers" which is what everyone says in their application. Of course a GM has to ban hackers. But what I'm going to do, is much more. I am willing to spend my time helping players with problems or hosting events to keep them happy.

Why are you applying for GM?: I have lots of experience, which gives me the ability to help the server out a lot. Basically what I'm saying is, I'm applying because I like to make people happy, and I want to be able to ban all the hackers that weren't caught.
Ban Hammer, Roar.

Have you had any previous GM experience? Where and for how long?: Yes. I have been a GM for a current server for a period of 3 months, aStory. I've been a GM for UrgentStory, in which as closed down, for about 2 months. Lastly, I've been a GM and GFX Artist for KlutzMS.

What is your method for hunting for hackers? Using the !cheaters command is always the first step into banning hackers. I would immediately chase them down, do some inspection to make sure they're hacking, and then ban them. Hacking is wrong, there is no reason to hack on a private server.

how often do you think you should hunt for hackers?:
Every 20-30 minutes or less, depending on server population. If it's a server that gets about 5-10 new players every 10 minutes, then there's a higher chance of hackers.

How would you handle a hacker?: Simply ban them. Like I said above, there is no reason to be hacking and it's not acceptable.

If 2 people are arguing over SMEGA how would you handle it?:
If people are arguing over something, I would figure out exactly what happened before taking any action. I would try to resolve it in a way that will leave them happy or satisfied.. would also be fair by not favoring one side.

If a player were to call you a "fail GM" how would you respond to that? or how would you retaliate?:
I would simply tell them that their behavior is not acceptable, and that if they continue to be disrespectful, they may be warned or temporarily jailed. I will not respond with any curse words and/or criticism.

as a GM what do you feel is more important for YOURSELF? Having fun or Keeping the server organized and clean?: I think that keeping the server organized and clean is the most important part. But having fun is part of it also.

Why should we choose you?: I think I'm a fair person so I could resolve conflicts fairly. I am also a person who loves to help others and give them advice. I am really friendly and I love to interact with other players.

Why shouldn't we choose you?: Why wouldn't you guys want to choose me Crying or Very sad ? (Just Kidding,Lol)

Extra info you feel is necessary:
I love to talk to people and give advice. I enjoy to help solve people with conflicts they deal with, and if I could, I'm hoping to become a lawyer.


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Re: Murkee's GM Application.

Post by DrummaNick on Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:28 pm

Nice app, good luck Very Happy
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