[GameMaster] GUIDELINES By Sara

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[GameMaster] GUIDELINES By Sara

Post by Randy on Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:28 pm

[Game Master Guidelines]
-Prepared by Sara

1. Game Master duties come before your friends. Make sure you allocate sufficient time into your daily online schedule.

2. Always make sure every question asked over megaphones gets an answer. It doesn't matter if multiple people answer; it shows that help is always there.

3. Make sure you do rounds of the server at least half hourly. An administrator can always check the Logs to see if you used the !cheater command.

4. Refrain from getting into arguments. If you do, not in public and please not with a fellow player.

5. Never punish a person without SOLID proof. Keep a screenshot of the offence as proof if possible to prevent misunderstandings.

6. Be a good role model for the players. They will subconscious do what you do.

7. Never use foul, explicit, vulgar or curse words in front of others. Only under extreme anger you are allowed to do so, and even then keep it in buddy chat, guild chat, party chat or whisper. Never use it with !say.

8. Hold events regularly but not constantly. An event every hour is ideal. Do not give out too many items per event and make sure you keep track of the event participants and winners well.

9. Interact with every player; do not form cliques and gang up against one other.

10. Do not get involved in a player-player fight unless you are completely unbiased towards any side.

11. You are forbidden to favour your friends or family by giving them advantages.

12. No private summonings, gifts.

13. Always reconfirm with a fellow GM if you're not sure on the proper punishment for an offence.

14. NEVER stalk someone with your hide skill. The only exception is when tracking a hacker.

15. DO NOT in any way abuse or use your powers for your own comfort and pleasure.

16. Never deny a player what help you can give.

17. If a player asks for help while you're with your friends, GO TO THEM. Do not say you're busy if all you're doing is CHATTING.

18. Keep a record of all the people you have punished and their offences so that you may punish them more severely if they repeat it.

19. Use proper language whenever over !say. Occasional grammatical error is fine; do not overly use short-forms for every single word.

20. Respect the players' privacy.

21. Respect your superiors as well as your juniors.

22. Stay humble and do not get power-hungry or proud.

23. Always be polite; keep your calm.

24. Maintain discipline in carrying out your job.

25. Have fun helping the players.

Rules & Regulations;

1. Do not use any third party programs, commonly known as hacks, to boost your advantage in-game over other players. This includes edited clients or files.

2. Advertising another server is strictly prohibited.

3. Never harass another player; verbal or physical stalking.

4. No cursing over public medias or 'all' chat; includes megaphones.

5. Do not KS other players.

6. Always report any glitches you have found and do not try to gain something from it before reporting. We can always check your account and wipe it.

7. Never instigate a fight.

8. Impersonating a staff of the server is not allowed. This includes similar IGNs.

9. Respect other players.

10. No racism, sexist or explicit comments may be announced over a public media.

11. Do not beg or harass a GM for ANYTHING. When asking for help, do so politely.

12. Do not interrupt game play of other players.

13. Do not flame, spread malicious comments or lies about another player. Keep your disagreements off the public media.

14. Do not try to evade punishment. You will be given double, triple or even quadruple times the initial punishment.

15. Do not advertise us on OTHER servers.

Additional Punishments I forgot about.

Evading Punishment
- Double initial punishment
- 1 day ban
- Permanent ban

Punishment Policy for GMs
- Prepared by Sara

Harassment [ using hide ]
- Warning & 2 days suspension [ stripped of GM powers for 2 days ]
- Demotion to level 2 [ intern ]
- Demoted.

Power Abuse
- 5 days suspension
- Demotion to level 2
- Demoted.

Disrespect towards a Superior
- 1 day suspension
- 3 days suspension
- Demotion to level 2

- 1 day suspension
- 3 days suspension
- Demotion to level 2

Constant Disregard for Rules
- Demotion to level 2
- Demoted.

Disregard for Duties
- Demotion to level 2
- Demoted.

More Questions :

Donated GMs are permanent / 1 month basis?
What level GMs are they? Eg: level 4 - SuperGM / level 3 - GM. Needed to prepare GM list.
Who has server/ SQL access in case of need for server restart.
Who is the HeadGM, Head Coder?
Is there a collective list of all the players punished for the offences; to make it easy.
Is there a standard or guideline the GMs should follow?
Will they be evaluated?

That's all I can think of for now.

Sorry, it's... long. X=

Thanks for reading so far! ;D


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