For People who want to help me test v75.

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For People who want to help me test v75.

Post by Randy on Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:38 pm

For People who want to help me test and come up with ideas for v75:
I Have a test server for v75, its not always on, you can hack it in (since its only for test)
If u play on it, i really dont care, your character will kbe deleted if v75 becomes official.
The Test server IS hamachi
HAMACHI ID: v75TestingHypnotic

Test Client Download: download.php?ymtyyj3yyzn

Must use a v75 maplestory folder:

In this test, you will need to tell me what to add, and try out alot of the things around the game to make sure they work.
(I Think alliance works so im happy there Smile)
So yea, its pretty much to help. Its like a BETA!

All Beta testers will recieve that beta hat with extra stats when we become v75.

dont worry about registering, its auto register.
NX is something you will have to ask me for because i cannot make an NPC give cash.
Soon, there will be nx cash available at the website.

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