v75! HypnoticStory! Cmon, ITS AWESOME!

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v75! HypnoticStory! Cmon, ITS AWESOME!

Post by Randy on Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:46 pm

Here it is!
HypnoticStory is now v75!
Download v75 Setup, Install it, Download HypnoticStory Client, AND PLAY!
v75 Setup Download Link:

Client Download Link:
mediafire.com ?03voozydmtd

When Entering Game, please DO NOT click the TRADE button right away.
Click on Gordon.

When going in the Cash shop for the first time, it might bug up your characters cash shop for good.
If so, please either use The All In One Shop's NX Section or Create a new character.
Your New character will be 100% Unbugged.
The Cash Shop may take a while to say anything after click BUY on an item, so be patient.

Thank You, and ENJOY HypnoticStory v75!

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