v75 BUG!! OhEmGee. ;]

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v75 BUG!! OhEmGee. ;]

Post by Loony's Lin! on Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:38 am

First of all, great job making 75. I've played a few servers with this version, and they all suck balls.
Way to go. cheers

So I was talking to Scrooge in the FM, and he told me that I should log in here, and tell you guys these issues I've been noticing!
Lol, Jokes.
But he really did say it!!

I noticed this bug;
- I get perion'd a LOT.
Like a Star @ heaven I'll use @travel and go to a monster map, or town, or something. As soon as I go to the FM, that information seems to get lost, and when I go back out the portal, I'm in Perion, instead of the last place that I was (this isn't a BIG deal, it's just annoying for lazy people like me xP).

A second Bug I found;
- Glitched Party System.
Like a Star @ heaven Yesterday I made a party to help someone level. I was d/c'd from the game, and now I am stuck in the party, but the option to disband it is not highlighted. So I cannot party with anyone (I think a server restart would fix this issue for me, but if it keeps happening, it should be something to look into). Crying or Very sad

Like a Star @ heaven ATTN: RANDY Like a Star @ heaven
You told me that making a second character would fix my CashShop problem. Well, it doesn't work, and here's why:
- I made another character.
- I went into CashShop
- Everything was fine ... then I bought something.
- Can no longer use CashShop.
- Made another new character.
- Go in CashShop, buy one thing.
- Can no longer use CashShop.
So, just so know ... it doesn't seem to work. xD

I haven't noticed anything else that wasn't already explained to me ...
Anyway, if I noticed anything else, I'll add it to this post.

And one more thing ... Totally not game related, but ...
HOW DOES "One Minute." sound like "Come in"????

Anyway, see you. ;][u]

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Oh God, can it go any faster?

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