Some suggestions.

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Some suggestions.

Post by pewpew on Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:43 pm

Here are a couple of suggestions, mainly bugs, but things that need to be fixed or something etc.

apreset glich, I don't care if you abuse it it fucked me over, anyways if you type @apreset you still have all your ap in the stat, say I apresetted str and had 5700 str, well I'd still have 5700 str and 5700 ap. It goes away after you use MH, but I logged off and some how lost a shitload of my equipment because of this, or so I think this was why.

Adding new nx to the npc nx seller. This should be updated, mainly 'cause I'm an nx whore, but because there's some sweet items in NX that you can only buy in the NX shop and not with the NX npc. T_T

Allowing someone access to the server so that they can restart the server while you(Randy) are at school. In my opinion, if you find someone you can trust, this would be better than getting a crappy auto-server-restest because those things aren't reliable and can screw up the server.

Although I'm not a GM, I have a little suggestion about adding !jobperson [name] [id] into the code because when people accidentally go straight to 4th job thinking duey will max their skills and then they come to figure out that he only max that certain job's skill it gets quite frustrating. Happened to me when I was a bishop LOLOLOL.

They're kinda...yeah, code editing stuff, woo!

If I think of anything else it'll probably go into here, I'll probably think of other things, but I might post those into bugs or something. Haha. Good luck, Randy. ♥

Oh and don't forget that FJ! I think the two FJ's, NW and NL, interfere with each other, but I'm not sure. LOL. Just a theory, although it could be something else. Damn FJing kids kicking off, oh and transformation + combo = dc as well. Lulz.


Buff NPC, I know you'll all be like, "Yeah that's why your rebirth", but here's the thing. There's Echo Of Hero, a good skill, that you can only get by doing something. But Echo Of Hero takes forever to cool down, and say you accidentally dc, you gotta wait a long time just to use it again. Plus noobs just entering can use the buff npc to help them lvl faster.

Unlimited buffs, yeah! Self explanatory.

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