Getting to know the REAL you. ;3

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Getting to know the REAL you. ;3

Post by Loony's Lin! on Sat Oct 10, 2009 11:32 pm

I'm not sure if I saw this somewhere else before ... but

Let's list some of our Hobbies / Interests, see if we have any in common with other Hypnotic Members. ;3

- Music ~I like mostly everything [Acid Jazz, Acousitc, Alternative, Rock, Metal, Techno, Electronica, Blues, Frunk, Grunge, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, House, Hardcore, Indie, Industrial, and some R&B]

- Bookes ~ Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy [All rolled into one if I can]. I also like historical novels. ;3

- Literature ~ In General [anything to do with books, grammers, English, etc - I'm writing my own novel. ;3]

- Movies ~ Watching them with family or friends [Comedy, action, adventure, some suspense is okay, NOT HORROR!!]

- Eris ~ My ShihPoo [Who's picture can be found in my photo post, in RL PICS]

- And last, and most importantly ~ Derrick <3 ~

Come on now, don't be shy. Post some things about yourself so the rest of the community can get to know you better. ;D


Oh God, can it go any faster?

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Re: Getting to know the REAL you. ;3

Post by Sara on Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:40 am


Loves :
Colour - Purple , specifically Lilac ;D
Number - 19 / 6
Music - Instrumentals , Evanescence
Books - Everything I can get my hands on. Real Crime, Lord of The Rings & Narnia are my top faves.
Literature - I write my own! <3 Lewis Carroll's poems are pretty good.
Authors - JRR Tolkien & CSS Lewis
Movies - Mostly everything BUT HORROR and thrillers! Grr D:

Items, things, animals, odd and ends I love :
Music Boxes!
Pianos~ Especially a white grand piano. -daydreams-
Glass items =P
Notebooks and Sketchbooks!
Giant Teddy Bears ;D those 5 feet tall kind.
Golden Retrievers!!!!! [=
Wooden furniture / carvings
Scrapbooks =3
BOLSTERRRS! -huggles-

Behh can't think of anything anymore. D:

I love Steven [=
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Re: Getting to know the REAL you. ;3

Post by Hana on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:49 am

Color; pastel colors.
Music; kpop, jpop.
Books; poetry books, romance novels.
Authors; Ellen Hopkins.
Movies; Keulraesik ( the classic ), Nae meorisokui jiwoogae (A moment to remember), Koizora. So basically, I love romance movies. c:
Celebrity; Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Jun Ki
Artist; Kim Ji Eun.
Band; Lady Collection and 2PM.
Actor/Actress; Sun Ye-jin.
Food; Pocky.
Drink; Bubble tea.
Instrument; Piano, guitar, voilin.
Hobbie; Baking. 8D

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Re: Getting to know the REAL you. ;3

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